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Live In Concert 2015 - Digital MP3


Take this uplifting performance with you on the go and always be centred 18 inspirational tracks, all live from the album.

This offer contains:

-Introduction [Navā] (Live)
-The Centre (Live)
-Go (Live)
-Pearl (Live)
-Khorasan (Live)
-Lament (Live)
-You Came To Me (Live)
-Ya Mustafa (Live)
-Hasbi Rabbi (Live)
-Cadence (Live)
-Circle (Live)
-Forgotten Promises (Live)
-Ya Rasul Allah (Live)
-Jaaneh Jaanaan (Live)
-The Key (Live)
-Let Us Not Forget (Live)
-Sari Gelin (Live)
-Fire (Live)
-Go [Encore] (Live)

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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